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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  February 8, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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monster storm. new england battered with violent wind and snow when two storms collide. >> 40 million people brace for a blizzard. >> hello i am denise koch. >> i am vick carter. a state of emergency is in effect from massachusetts to new york. 350,000 people have already lost power, you are looking live at interstate 95 near boston. you can see it is impassible for cars. wjz has complete coverage of this massive snow storm.
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bob turk is tracking every development and the effect on maryland. marly hall has the dangerous conditions worsening by the hour. >> reporter: blizzard warnings are in effect from parts of new jersey to maine with wind gusts up to 7 a miles per hour -- 75 miles per hour. >> this is no joke. >> reporter: several governors are warning about the clean up ahead. >> recovery will be slow, people should prepare. >> reporter: a nasa satellite photo shows two storm systems colliding to make a far reaching dangerous nor'easter. >> by saturday 7:00 a.m. the worst will be in new england. >> reporter: it was blamed for a 19 car pile up in maine. thousands of flights are cancelled. amtrak suspended service in the northeast corridor friday afternoon. >> just really stressful trying to figure out how to manoeuvre
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the transportation system. >> reporter: no body is going any where here in hartford. roads are empty with drivers heading the governor's ban on driving. connecticut's governor warned of more power outages. >> as we see greater gusts we expect more folks to lose power. >> reporter: new york mayor is telling residents to stay tight. >> stay home, take it easy. >> reporter: when it is all over the hardest hit areas could see as much as 3 feet of snow n. hartford -- in hartford connecticut, marly hall wjz news. >> bob continues from the weather center. >> let's look at radar well developed, deep deep low pressure off nantucket. spinning those bands of heavy snow, boston, concord, new hampshire. eastern long island, new york city is not as heavy the storm moved a little faster to the
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east. new york will be linger being moderate snow for awhile -- lingering with moderate snow for awhile and later tonight clear out. as far as our region is concerned we have wind advisories in effect until 6:00 a.m. could gust over 40 miles an hour. you have already seen some of that across the region. across new england the heaviest snow is boston, providence, some portions of connecticut, 18 to 24 inches or more in some locations looks like new york city will end up with less than 5 or 6 inches, the most heavy stuff has shifted. for our region, when we clear out will we see a warm up on the way? more on the forecast coming up chef. >> thank you. homicide detectives joined the investigation into a suspicious fatal fire. the body of a woman was found in the basement of this burning home in the 5700 block of high
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gate drive, northwest baltimore. her death was initially blamed on smoke inhalation but the arson squad is investigating. bizarre climbs by an annapolis mother she tells police the toddler was possessed by an evil spirit. megan. >> reporter: police got a tip something might be wrong after neighbors hasn't seen that 2- year-old girl for a few days now her moth certificate charged with murder -- mother is charged with murder. the body of 2-year-old cassidy booth discovered thursday night in a pile of garbage at a waste management facility. her mother 25-year-old chelsea booth confessed to killing the child. according to charging documents, booth told police her daughter was suffering from a muslim curse placed on herbie her father she claimed she was possessioned by an evil spirit
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a neighbor reported -- possessioned by an evil spirit. a neighbor reported the child missing. >> the mother reported the child elsewhere but we confirmed the child was not where she said it was. >> reporter: booth said she layed on top of the toddler until she stopped breathing. she told investigators she wrapped the child's body in a blanket and put it inside a dumpster here at the apartment complex. a close friend says she had been acting strangely. >> past two days she wasn't talking to no body. >> reporter: neighbors at the bay ridge gardens apartment said they often saw the mother and child. >> it was a normal thing i was surprised. >> i was very shocked. i didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: friends say they never saw this coming. >> for me to know that i had my child around her, it freaks me out. >> reporter: chelsea booth faces first degree murder charges. >> if convicted booth could potentially face the death
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penalty she is being held without bail tonight. reporting live, megan mccorkle wjz eyewitness news. >> she has another child that little girl is being cared for elsewhere. the high school student charged with shooting a classmate on the first day of school will be tried as an adult. the 15-year-old is charged with opening fire. a judge reviewed disturbing statements he made after the shooting. swat teams are scowerring a california mountain resort. he is accused of killing two people including the daughter of a police captain. in a manifesto online he declared war on law enforcement claiming he was unfairly fired from the lapd. his burned out truck was found near big bear mountain authorities are searching hundreds of cabins over 8
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square miles. finally light is shed on what caused the black out that haunted the super bowl in new orleans. jessica was inside when the lights went out. she explains the outage was caused by a device meant to prevent outages. >> reporter: seconds into third quarter of the super bowl. >> half the power in new orleans stadium, superdome here is out. >> reporter: the sire dome's power company, -- the superdome's power company taking the blame saying a relay in the switch gear malfunctioned cutting power to one of two feeder lines supplying power to the dome. >> it is important to find the root cause. it has now been traced back to a faulty device inside that switch gear. i think that can be fixed. >> reporter: the superdome was dimly lit for 34 minutes while crews worked to restore power. >> a 20 minute delay. >> reporter: jon harbaugh appearing on david letterman
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jokes about the outage. >> who are you talking there? >> mike with the nfl. >> reporter: what was the issue? >> there was a concern about the restaurants after the game. >> reporter: the fbi ruled out cyber terrorism as a cause. ironically the defective system is part of a $4 million electrical upgrade made before super bowl. >> the device has been removed and new replacement equipment is being evaluated. we are working with the manufacturer. rest as sured the sire dome is fully functional. >> reporter: some city officials were concerned it might blow new orleans chances of hosting another super bowl but the nfl says that is not the case and will consider new orleans again in their plans down the road. jessica car talia, wjz eyewitness news. when president obama called to con graduate, coach harbaugh he joked he would look into
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what caused the black out. dooring that phone call president obama -- during that phone call president obama, expressed admiration for former raven, oj mcgan he suffers from als. wjz is live with kai jackson. >> reporter: that's right denise. for several years oj has been inspiring other s with his story especially the ravens. now, he and his wife are being honored for their hard work. it was a magical moment when the ravens won super bowl xlvii, february 3rd in new orleans. >> for oj. >> reporter: and members of the team are quick to credit this former player for inspiring them. >> oj said it, we are a team of vision. we never took our eyes off the prize. >> reporter: he played with ray lewis in 2001, when the ravens
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won their first trophy after beating the giants in super bowl xxxv. on friday the babe ruth foundation honored oj and shannon with their community service award, for their fight. >> i am humbled when people say i am an inspiration. my belief is that the same fight deep in my heart is available to everybody. >> reporter: years after the super bowl a diagnosis of als sidelined the linebacker he is confined to a wheelchair and uses a computer to speak. >> i believe i will walk again. >> reporter: ravens promoted him to senior advisor of player development, that job gives him purpose and gift of inspiration. even the president complemented him. >> i saw that wonderful story on sports center about oj ... >> reporter: oj is 43 years old
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the babe ruth foundation award was established basically to honor a current or former professional athlete with ties to the maryland community. no doubt no question, his ties are deep and strong. back to you. >> thank you kai. he is one of the few player who is won both the grey cup in canada and the super bowl. coming up security breach. two former president's have their private e-mails accessed by a mysterious hacker. >> growing scandal. more products in more countries found to contain horse meat. days after the stunning revelation in great britain. grammys are almost here. i am mary bubala, a look back how the death of whitney houston last year changed the show forever. that story coming up. sunny, windy, cold start to the weekend. i am bob turk. i will have a complete first warning forecast coming up next
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mostly cloudy, 35 degrees. complete first warning weather coming up. >> tragedy in ohio a man loses his life. james was driving by when he saw a small child fall through the ice he jumped in and
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eventually got trapped. firefighters were able to reach the child first but were unable to get to general kins in time. the child was listed in critical condition. more charges stemming from the youtube video of marines urinating on the corpses of taliban insurgents. the incident happened july of 2011 when it did it received international condemnation. sergeant richards, and captain clemens face multiple charges. richards was the one who filmed the marines two others faced a court marshall. members of the bush family including both former president's are targets of a hacker. one shows george bush during a recent stay. the hacker gained material through bush family and friends. he identified himself as someone targeted by the government for a long time.
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the man behind the amish beard cutting attacks in ohio joe, sentenced to 15 years in -- ohio, sentenced to 15 years in prison. he said he did not run a cult. 15 of his family were also convicted and will serve between 1 and 7 years the attacks were pros cuted as a hate crime. food safety officials in the uk are ordering testing of all beef products after food produced by a company was found to contain as much as 100% horse meat. the company says they have corrected the food supply problem, last month beef patties sold to burger king in europe were found to have traces of horse meat. sunday, lands on the one year anniversary of the death
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of whitney houston. stars are still traumatized. >> reporter: whitney houston died 24 hours before the grammy awards. the show must go on and almost everyone in the music industry will never forget what had to happen next ♪ i believe the children are our future ♪ >> when i heard the news it was devastating. your heart goes out to her family and her and then you know my next thought was how was the team at the grammys going to handle the show. >> when trouble hits, you hit back. >> all the people had stayed up all night to scramble to move things around to pay tribute to whitney. i don't think i have ever been part of anything quite as immediate as that. >> i decided to call jennifer hudson's manager and talk about having jennifer do the tribute. >> i would do anything for whitney and anything to help out her memory but i didn't
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know if i could get through it. ♪ and i will always ... love you. [ sobbing ] ♪ i will always love you ♪ >> whitney houston died february 11th, 2012 at the age of 48. mary bubala, wjz eyewitness news. tomorrow night on wjz don't miss grammys will go on a death in the family. behind the scenes look at last year's grammys after the sudden death of whitney houston. catch the grammy's hosted by ll cool jay this sunday at 8:00 p.m. and check out our grammy
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section on cbs all right. >> you are on. >> okay. we have windy, cold night around the region, no snow here. take a look at temperatures, conditions now, the winds have shifted back to the west, northwest and they are really gusting, 25 and higher winds in some areas, 35 degrees, humidity much lower than it was earlier and dew points come way down 22 degrees much drier, colder air coming in, currently only 21, still 40, patch river, we are in the low to mid-30s we dried out. clearing sky shortly, 32 westminster and 38 annapolis, dc and as far as winds go they have really picked up. they could be as strong as 40 to 45 miles an hour. 25 here, 21 dc.
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20, with temperature of only 21 feels like 0. we still have in effect for the region, until 6:00 a.m., wind advisory north of us, it is still a winter storm warning, generally from new york, north and east they are still in the blizzard warning they have had some areas, recording blizzard conditions, boston dropped down to 120. now they have a dry -- down to 20. now they have a dry powdery snow, blowing around. winds 50 to 60-mile an hour range almost near hurricane force a couple spots saw winds as high as 76 miles an hour. one or two stations to the north and west, temperatures teen20s. cold air for at least one day. mild air south and west of us that will move in sunday. for the time being there is the storm, moving up, just east of cape cod heavy snow bands
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connecticut, massachusetts, portion of new hampshire and maine. moving out later tonight, that clearing line will reach jersey and new york by tomorrow morning may have a few lingering flurries the bulk of the heavy stuff has shifted east. milder air will come in after a cold saturday and early next week shower activity, with a front from the west. northwest winds gusting 30 knots a gale warning through saturday afternoon bay temp 37, sunrise 7:06 a.m., windy and cold, 29 by morning. 37, but sunny and windy to morrow next 5 days, 44, 50 tuesday, after tomorrow no arctic or canadian air at least in the next 5, 6 days. with spring training starting next week the orioles come to term with a pair of top tier pitchers. >> dan has details coming
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here with our wjz 13 fans sports. >> remember they want to be better than last year's 93 and 69. hey, folks, baseball, or yells, pitcher-- orioles, catchers and pitchers report tuesday. jim johnson, both of these guys, coming to camp with fresh one year deals. they avoided salary arbitration. hamill earns 6.75 million plus incentives. johnson, who set a team record and lead the majors with 51 saves, watched as his salary jumped from 2.6 million to 6.5. relief pitcher, darren the only player still scheduled to go to arbitration. johns hopkins, opened up
11:27 pm
their season, ranked number 5 nationally and beating visiting sienna. providing a hat trick, senior john, plays tulsa, two saturday's from now. >> jimmy and the loyola greyhounds, won 62-61. looking for their second ncaa appearance. defending champion, there you saw eric, 25 points, 2 rebounds 2 assists, 3 steals. loyola a winner tonight. >> >> women's hoops, meantime, finally number 7, maryland, wake forest, 23 a piece, thomas and hawkens. a 2 point hook up. wake clawed back from a 20 point deficit to climb within 3 in the closing minutes maryland
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it wasn't a pretty sight at this annual parade in
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switzerland. people wore all these ugly masks the reason for the masks dates back to the 15th century. people wear them to scare off the goods of winter. -- gods of winter. they need those in boston. the gods should head out of the town by the weekend. >> yeah, i know some
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